Sunday, January 20, 2013

Success Essentials This New Year (1)

It’s a brand new year and am sure you’re done taking stock of last year’s failures and successes. A wise man once said madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting changes. To attain to greater terrains this year its an imperative to change the way you carried on last year.
In the march on life its essential for one to discover oneself. What are your strengths? weaknesses? Have you done a SWOT analysis on you? (SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). Have you taken stock of you?
Its also important now to settle on your magnificent obsession – your major goal in life. What do you want to achieve in life? Time is racing by. Its all going real fast.
How do I settle on a major goal in life, you may ask. Well, that’s easy. You arrived on this planet with the necessary equipment, with an inner leading towards your major task in life, what some have called your destiny. Look inwards. Look to innate signals. Access your strengths, weaknesses. In what direction do your talents and giftings lead you? Its your responsibility to discover what you were put on the planet to achieve so discover it now, if you haven’t already.
And if you have, get to work. Visualize yourself fulfilling your goals and objectives. Take consistent action towards your magnificent obsession – your major goal in life. Action is essential; however it needs to be combined with intellect. Take intelligent actions always.
 Learn self discipline – develop the art of evaluating the consequences of your actions. Ask yourself continually – will this action advance me towards my goals, or will it detract me from it? If this action will lead me nowhere nearer my goals, I should drop it! Think ahead to the consequences of your actions. This is a major determinant of success in life.
So feel free to pursue your goals. Make your actions count this year. You will go far if you adhere to the essentials – set your goals, visualize your success, take consistent and intelligent action towards your dreams. Evaluate your actions against its  consequences continually. Don’t ever forget where you are headed.
Forgetting our objectives is the most frequent of all acts of stupidity – Friedrich Nietzsch (1884-1900). How apt. Keep your goals continually in front of you and you will achieve greatness in life.
Dinner is served. Bon appetite 


  1. such a wonderful piece. am so glad to be reading this so early this year so i can make necesssary changes. thank you thank you

  2. thank you for your wonderful piece. am so glad to be reading it so early in the year so i can make quality changes too.