Monday, January 28, 2013

                                                      MINDBLOWING THINGS

Have you ever heard the term 'mindblowing'? Usually in colloquial usage means information or phenomenon that is incredible. I have always wondered why the idiom was never couched as 'body blowing'. I guess its because the crafters of the English Language from old times always knew the importance and power of the mind.
How far do you want to go in life? How much do you ever want to achieve? Its not going to be possible if you can't ever grasp it with your mind. If you can't see far with your mind's eye, you won't be going far.
Yes, mind power is real. As a man thinks in his heart (thats your mind, and not the physical organ that pumps blood through the body), so is he. So said the good book. So say I. Great minds in history where just that - great minds. They dared to think the seeming unachievable; they went after the unbelievable.
Who could have ever thought man would fly on two wings? Who could have ever thought man would elongate his life by changing deficient organs in his body? Who could have ever thought that man would reclaim land from seas and limit the advance of mighty oceans on his cities? Who could have ever thought? Well someone obviously did. Thats why we have all the tech progress. And now am sending you this piece over the internet. It really is good to engage the mind to achieve great things.
So watch what you are cluttering your mind with. Engage it in progressive pursuit - think big, plan big. Plan to achieve great things. See with your mind's eye the possibillities laid out before you. Expose your mind to the great thoughts of others as penned down in books. Educate your mind. Get it to working for the good of all humanity.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

How To Reduce Your Cell Phone Bills In A Recession - Top quality information absolutely free!

Griiinnnngggggggg……..Your phone ring tone goes off. It may also be some top dollars going off with that ring tone, if you aren’t real careful. The Global Recession, which is threatening to drive us all crazy – has everyone scrambling for cost saving measures on virtually everything. Aren’t we all trying to save costs everywhere, from toilet soap to double salamis?
So you’ve got to know what to do to reduce your cell phone bills (amongst other bills) in this recession. Why the focus on the cost of this essential? You may or may not be addicted to your cell phone like I am, but I am pretty sure its accounting for at least 15% of your recurrent expenditure monthly.
You can set goals to reduce your cell phone bills by 40%-50% over a period of time. I have achieved 40% savings over a 3 month period, and I can testify to the fact that it is achievable. In light of this, here go some essential cost cutting measures to keep your cell phone bills under check.

Discounts abound everywhere

That should be pretty obvious. You may need to shop around for cheaper services without compromising quality. Cheaper rates for text messaging, e mail, voice and video calls are being offered continually in a competitive market where loyalty to networks is constantly being rewarded or punished. I particularly like looking at new entrants into the market, or new products on offer by the telecoms companies.

 Free texting is available

I read from a site on the internet that texting was originally intended for short messaging usage by office staff who just needed to send short notices to callers to indicate they were busy in office meetings. Now text messaging is in usage in all manner of situations.
You should therefore explore free messaging apps and services. Some apps send your sms to your recipients via your e mail account (I use Freedom SMS on my iPhone). Recipients respond via email also . You can save anything between $5-$10 monthly this way.
Also explore text bundle services on local networks. Some networks offer free texting incentives for PAYG (pay-as-you-go) users, though these may be limited to free texting within the network.
You may also examine your texting habits. You do not need to reply ‘ok’ to every text message, except you enjoy free texting to the recipients network. Short calls within or less than a minute are also cheaper to some networks than text messages. So keep exploring.

Avoid Contract Packages

Yes you read it right. Avoid contract packages like a plague. Apart from the fact that many lack the discipline to keep their calls within limits on their various packages, and therefore rack up unnecessary expense and penalties, the billing systems of some of these telecoms operators go crazy at times. I have had to be engaged in a long dispute with a local telecoms operator over spurious call claims on my bill.
Being on a pre-paid package also enables you to be mobile, able to switch between operators who offer better and cheaper services ( as I said earlier, new entrants into a market offer good incentives to enable them penetrate the market). A pre-paid package also gives you better control and time to think about making that call or not, given the consequences of dwindling credit balances.

Use VoIP whenever you can

Services like Skype or Vonage offer VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services . Skype has several mobile versions so you may not need to sit at your pc all day making calls. The service also offers free calls to other Skype accounts. Generally VoIP offers cheaper call rates (where charged) and sometimes better quality. So explore this money saver. After all, if you aren’t making more money, you should research how to spend less, shouldn’t you?

Family is good

Many networks offer ‘family and friends’ services whereby you make cheaper calls and text cheaper to nominated phone numbers, or you enjoy cheaper rates within a group. Some of these are designed for corporate organizations, others for nominated phone numbers. Costs are usually halved within these nominated groups, and provide great savings on cell usage costs.
 These are just some tips. You can keep checking within your network of choice for better and cheaper options, or look outside your network for services which appeal to you. Whichever option you adopt, you can achieve goals of reducing your cell phone bills by 40% over a 90 day period.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Did She Really?

Conspiracy preachers theorists are at it again. This particularly American talent has found a new assignment on the airwaves. American diva and style icon,  BeyoncĂ©, is suspected of doing the lip synch, at, of all places, the American Presidential crowning inauguration. She was up for a rendition of the American national anthem, which was well delivered in her magnificent style.
The rumour has the social media agog with the possibility, as the band at the crowning (oops, sorry) inauguration was said to have been told to step down since the instrumentation would be played from a track. There are also doubts being expressed as per whether she actually crooned to the track or just mimed her vocals.
Her performance looks real enough to me. However conspiracy evangelists theorists have been out of work for some time. They have latched on to this with as much gusto as Christopher Columbus to his quest to discover the new world.
That the singing was is commendable. Why not lets all just sit back and enjoy the musical witch-craft of a diva who has perfected her art, to all intents and purposes, for the glory of man and country.
Carry on diva! Just keep on crooning.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

  The American Presidential Inauguration Speech

 ' I come to bury Obama, not to praise him'

This is how Shakespeare would have begun this article.. Indeed a lot of criticism continues to trail President Obama's Inauguration Speech, especially from the conservative right and in fact from all over Conservative America. 'Its an ode to big government'; 'this is a resurgence of activist government',;'how more liberal will Obama get', and many more of such statements rent the airwaves just hours after the inaugural ceremony.  

This is all because of the President's commitment to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and other such welfarist programs that tend to earn him the label 'socialist'. 

Oh how citizens in Third World Countries would love to exchange their lack-lustre leaders with a President Obama.  Here the leaders are detached from the socio-economic realities afflicting the average citizens of their domains.

In those countries graciously given the title 'Developing Countries' by the Western World, we would give two arms and ten teeth to have the opportunity to be governed by such a 'welfarist' or 'socialist' president. Here, we have had 'odes to big government' for decades, (and the musicians keep changing every couple of years) without improvement in the quality of lives of citizens .

Conservative America should be careful what they wish for. They just might conjure up Third World style leaders who are big on talk, big on budgets and lightweight on the primary responsibilities of government - rule of law, security of lives and property, and promotion of general welfare of its constituents.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Success Essentials This New Year (1)

It’s a brand new year and am sure you’re done taking stock of last year’s failures and successes. A wise man once said madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting changes. To attain to greater terrains this year its an imperative to change the way you carried on last year.
In the march on life its essential for one to discover oneself. What are your strengths? weaknesses? Have you done a SWOT analysis on you? (SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). Have you taken stock of you?
Its also important now to settle on your magnificent obsession – your major goal in life. What do you want to achieve in life? Time is racing by. Its all going real fast.
How do I settle on a major goal in life, you may ask. Well, that’s easy. You arrived on this planet with the necessary equipment, with an inner leading towards your major task in life, what some have called your destiny. Look inwards. Look to innate signals. Access your strengths, weaknesses. In what direction do your talents and giftings lead you? Its your responsibility to discover what you were put on the planet to achieve so discover it now, if you haven’t already.
And if you have, get to work. Visualize yourself fulfilling your goals and objectives. Take consistent action towards your magnificent obsession – your major goal in life. Action is essential; however it needs to be combined with intellect. Take intelligent actions always.
 Learn self discipline – develop the art of evaluating the consequences of your actions. Ask yourself continually – will this action advance me towards my goals, or will it detract me from it? If this action will lead me nowhere nearer my goals, I should drop it! Think ahead to the consequences of your actions. This is a major determinant of success in life.
So feel free to pursue your goals. Make your actions count this year. You will go far if you adhere to the essentials – set your goals, visualize your success, take consistent and intelligent action towards your dreams. Evaluate your actions against its  consequences continually. Don’t ever forget where you are headed.
Forgetting our objectives is the most frequent of all acts of stupidity – Friedrich Nietzsch (1884-1900). How apt. Keep your goals continually in front of you and you will achieve greatness in life.
Dinner is served. Bon appetite 

Friday, January 18, 2013

3 quotes for the road

Do unto others as you want to be remembered by.

Its not the size of a project that determines success but the size of the leader

he who a masquerade pursues should not faint; for as the mortal tires so does the immortal - Yoruba proverb, my translation.

My New Year Resolution (as new year resolutions go)

Like me, I am sure you have taken time out and a notepad to compose a new year resolution or new year resolutions, as the case may be. It is our wont to yearly write several lines, in the spirit and excitement of the new calendar, resolutions we have no intention of keeping.
Don’t get me wrong. It really is good to make resolutions, to have a direction for the new year. I preach this and live it. You need to articulate a personal mantra, a path which you will follow to better your life. Such may be that you will work harder this year, take better care of your family, save ten per cent monthly out of your income towards personal financial independence, pay more attention to detail, read at least a book monthly, etc. These are all to good intents.
However why make them annual resolutions? The problem is that the excitement with which we alight on and articulate these resolutions which have a potential to make our lives better and improve our life missions are short lived. They need to be whipped up weekly and possibly daily. Oh how much progress we would attain if we were to set these goals weekly and follow through every day of our lives.
So making new year resolutions is just the start of the journey. Are you really prepared to improve your life, to make a success out of it? Are you intent upon becoming a better father, leader, manager, worker, pastor, imam, teacher? Then you must be ready to use these to really great effects, as a general compass for the year. Set milestones and steps that must be achieved monthly, with weekly evaluation of progress being made towards the desired direction.
This calls for more hard work that you have bargained for in the area of personal success charting. Success is not by accident. You must review your resolutions daily, look at your monthly milestones weekly and break it down to specific steps that must be carried out on a daily basis. This you must do in order to avoid becoming a wandering generality in life, to use the words of Zig Ziglar.
So set to now! There’s a lot to do, a lot to achieve, a lot of steps up the mountain. But guess what? It’s good you have started by setting those annual resolutions. Make it different this year. Take a further step and determine to have a weekly review and break these down to daily actions towards your desired goal. And I tell you, with consistent attention to these, even the skies will fail to limit you.

Bon voyage