Monday, March 18, 2013


I have had the privilege of reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” at least 16 times. I have had my personal copies missing 5 times at least. But each time I have purchased a new copy without delay. The book has become a manual for life of sorts, for me.
Do not be deceived by the title. The book isn’t so much about making money, as it is about being a success in life. I do not in this write up intend to review the book, however. I want to speak about ideas. The book does speak about ideas, as do other great philosophers like Aristotle, Socrates and the like.
Ideas do rule the world. I subscribe to that. Ideas are so very important. Every human improvement, every great invention, every commendable feat achieved by man, started as an idea in the mind of some person.
Ideas are borne on the wings of thoughts that come to us. Psychologists tell us that we think about 50,000 thoughts per day, i.e. the average human being thinks all those thoughts daily. Hidden in that multitude of thoughts is an idea or ideas that can drastically improve our lives , and that of others. And this process occurs daily.
In 1876, Alexander Bell registered his patent for the telephone, in the United States. The process began as an idea for men to communicate without being in the same room.  Men also had for long thought about growing wings and flying. This idea had largely been confined to the metaphysical realm, with old women dressed in black and funny long hats flying by means of long brooms (now you know what I’m talking about). But it became a physical reality when the Wright brothers invented and built the world’s first successful airplanes in 1903. Napoleon Hill’s book speaks about Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie and other great thinkers ‘sitting for ideas’ By this means Edison created many inventions and patents, including amongst others the phonograph, the motion picture camera, the incandescent bulb, etc.
Suffice it to say therefore that you do not have problems; you do not have financial problems. You do not have health problems. Neither do you have marriage problems. What you have is an idea problem. So the earlier you settle down, shut the world out, and think out your problem, the better for you. It may take you hours, maybe even days, to reach the threshold. But one thing is certain: it does work. My authority? The great thinkers of the 20th and 21s century agree with me. Talk about Edison, Einstein, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, just to mention a few.
So think your way through today. See you at the top. And I daresay I am nearer there than you are *wink*


  1. pls will email you. i need more stuff on sittin for ideas. thanks sir

  2. Thanks. its obvious brain energy is so crucial. Many of today's youths do not want to sit down and think their way through. They just wanna be entertained. Pls keep this up. We really enjoying you.

  3. isn't it so obvious that the mind is important, yet very few people actually nurture it.

  4. Thanks broda! Sitting/brooding for ideas is the answer to man's multiple challenges.