Saturday, July 4, 2009

Neda of Persia

Music truly is a universal language, especially when it's about hope and freedom and love and peace. Its also a medium for the emancipation of oppressed peoples of the world. Refer to the emancipations songs of the likes of Lucky Dube and Miriam Makeba, for the freedom of the black people of South Africa, and for the release of Nelson Mandela in prison. Refer also to various similar instances the world over.

As witnessed in the past few days, music , drama and majorly the arts, will come to fore once again in the play for the emancipation of the oppressed peoples of Iran. It will once again help to continually put the issues of election rigging and malpractices and the gruesome, unholy murder of Neda, on the streets of Tehran, to the front burner continually.

Neda must not be allowed to have shed her blood in vain. She must be avenged - in the emancipation of Iran`s oppressed masses, in the downfall of a totalitarian regime, and in the enthronement of true democracy in the ancient land called Persia....

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